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Two of our youngest members, Ted(19) and Julia Baldwin (17) accompanied by Champittet teacher Pierre Diouf, visited Burkina Faso on August 2013. They attended the inauguration ceremony and did various activities in the area such as planting mangoes with the children, visiting the hen farm and exploring Gaoua. But most importantly they got to know the 18 boys and became friends with them.


” Our stay in Burkina Faso was an unforgetable experience.

After seeing pictures and talking to Gérard I thought I knew what to expect. Much to the contrary, I was suprised and over welmed at my arrival. Gérard is really doing incredible work down there.The children involved in the project are no longer living off of the streets in impossible difficult and seemingly unliveable conditions but are now housed, fed, given an education and protected from terrible abuse. Joy and appreciation seem to be a rule that is unspoken of, but followed in Gaoua. It really is the only way to get by, appreciate the people around you and the little things in life

-Julia Baldwin