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Scots Kirk Lausanne

The Scots Kirk in Lausanne helped launch Espoir Jeunes in 2007. The Church incorporated Espoir Jeunes into its 5 year charity program and helped structure the community in its early days, funding children’s studies and housing. Isaac, Michel, Francis and Albert, Espoir Jeunes’ first high school graduates and University students, were among the first to profit from the church’s help. The Scots Kirk program ended in 2012, as per Church rules.

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Sign in front of the hen farm recognizing the Scots Kirk support

Champittet teacher and student visit Burkina Faso

Collège Champittet Foundation

The Collège Champittet Foundation generously supported the Espoir Jeunes project in 2012-2015.

It is thanks to their precious help that Espoir Jeunes was able to build dormitories and sanitary installations to properly house its students. In the summer of 2013 Champittet built a dormitory for boys, in the summer of 2013 it built sanitary installations and finally in the fall of 2015 a dormitory for 15 girls. Ted and Nicky are both Alumnit of Collège Champittet.

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TechSpark Academy & Espoir Jeunes

TechSpark Academy’s mission is to empower students to create and learn with the power of technology, thus providing them with fundamental tools to navigate the evolving digital world.

By supporting ‘Association Espoir Jeunes’ in Burkina Faso – TechSpark Academy is embracing the vision of closing the global education gap by offering students in disadvantaged communities opportunities to gain access to resources which enable them to learn basic digital skills for a better future.

TechSpark’s commitment to donate CHF 5.00 to Espoir Jeunes for every student registered at their camps, as well as supply local education centers with recycled laptops and tech equipment collected from Swiss partner schools – helps to tackle ‘education the biggest challenge of Burkina Faso’s youth’.

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Tech Spark Academy Instructors

Fondation Nicolas Depreux

Prix Pralong

Swiss Aid Burkina Faso

The Fondation Nicolas Depreux has generously funded our precious vegetable garden.

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Prix Pralong: the prix Pralong was awarded to Ted in 2013 and funded the first water well.

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Swiss Aid Burkina Faso has provided support & advice for our animal husbandry and agrarian projects.

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It is thanks to the generous support of our donors that Espoir Jeunes has been able develop its infrastructure and invest in its future