Espoirs Jeunes has put together multiple initiatives to make the Gaoua community self-funding. Today, the crops and animals that are tended to by Jonas and the staff are a source of food and revenue and help cover a portion of the running costs. Espoir Jeunes is also the proud owner of a small motorized vehicle that is leased to generate additional funds but is also used to carry supplies and bring some of the children to school. Espoir Jeunes aims to continue pursuing its aim of creating complete financial independence by improving productivity and investing in more revenue creating projects. We also aim to bring further improvements to the infrastructure. Our fund raising will focus on the following projects in the year ahead:

Accomplished Projects
  • Infrastructure
  • Dormitories
  • Installation of 2 water pumps
  • Revenue generation & productivity
  • Pig farm
  • Hen farm
  • Planting of Crops & vegetable fields
  • Purchase of a motorized vehicle
  • Installation of solar panels in study rooms
  • Purchase of 15 2nd hand bikes
Future Projects
  • Infrastructure improvement
  • Build kitchen
  • Bring electricity to every room
  • Purchase of additional bikes
  • Revenue generation & productivity
  • Motor for water Pump
  • Irrigation for fields
  • Finish basin for fish farming