Burkinabé Team

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Burkinabé Team

Jonas Kambou leads the Espoir Jeunes community in Gaoua

Jonas Kambou

Jonas is the head of the Espoir Jeunes community in Gaoua. He is a Pastor with a flare for entrepreneurship. Jonas was educated in Burkina and in Switzerland where he attended a college in Bienne on a scholarship for academic excellence. Jonas is married to Nicole, a nurse from Senegal, and has 3 children.

Allassanne Kambou and Martin Da

Martin is one of Espoir Jeunes’ students. He is currently attending a vocational school. Martin plays the role of student representative and is present at all key community meetings. Allassanne is an ex-student of Espoir Jeunes with a passion for farming and animal husbandry. He is currently employed by Espoir Jeunes and works side by side with Jonas to take care of the community’s pig farm and fields. He plays the role of employees representative.

Isaac, Michel, Francis and Albert

Isaac, Michel, Francis, and Albert are graduates of Espoir Jeunes and are currently attending University in Ouagadougou. They are studying Life Sciences, Economics, Medicine, and Sociology respectively. They play the role of co-coordinators and mentors to the children in Gaoua. Every two weeks one of them travels to Gaoua to mentor the children and assist Jonas with reporting.