Espoirs Jeunes rests on 4 acres of arid yet relatively fertile land. The main compound is made of 5 buildings.  Four are dedicated to housing the 31 boys and girls that Espoir Jeunes supports through food and schooling and one building is dedicated to housing Jonas and his family.  The buildings are equipped with sanitary installations and 2 have electricity powered by solar panels.  These buildings are used for studying.  Espoir Jeunes hopes to power the remaining buildings in the near future by raising funds to buy more solar panels.   The cooking takes place outside on an open hearth fire.  It is Espoir Jeunes’ plan to eventually build a kitchen – it will be of great help during the rainy season!

Not far away from  the main compound are 2 structures dedicated to animal husbandry and fields of corn, papaya and vegetables that feed Espoir Jeunes and provide valuable income to cover every day running costs.  Espoir Jeunes is currently raising 70 pigs, rabbits and hens. Two water pumps provide all the water the community needs to care for itself and the animals.  The water is carried in buckets, by hand. Espoir Jeunes aims to raise funds to power the water pump with a small motor so as to make it more efficient.