Meet the team

Our Team in Switzerland


Robert (Ted) Baldwin, President

Ted has been involved in Espoirs Jeunes since 2010.  He has been to Burkina Faso multiple times, and is fascinated by the Burkinabé culture and lifestyle. He currently works at McKinsey & Co and runs Espoir Jeunes’ operations by leveraging his consulting skills. His girlfriend, Cécile Piot, works hand in hand with him and provides support with all French communication.

For any questions with respect to how Espoir Jeunes is managed and structured, feel free to reach out to Ted.

Vreni Gehring, Founding Member and Fundraiser

Nonna Vreni, for the family, or “maman de Lausanne” in Burkina, is the founder of Espoirs Jeunes. Vreni launched Espoir Jeunes in 2007 with the help of her husband Mario Gehring. She inspired her grandchildren to participate in the project . Vreni is the backbone of Swiss fund raising and is helped by her grandchildren Laura Gehring and Julia Baldwin.

If you would like to donate to Espoir Jeunes’ cause, feel free to reach out to Vreni to hear more about our latest successes and developments.

Nicolas Baldwin, Project Manager and Treasurer

Nicolas is an active member of Espoir Jeunes since 2017. He has traveled to Burkina multiple times along with Ted. Nicolas studies engineering at the EPFL and helps administer and promote Espoir Jeunes.

You can reach out to Nicolas if you have questions about specific projects in Burkina Faso.